Writer supports Toni Boucher for state Rep.

Toni Boucher has dedicated her life to local politics and is asking for our vote to bring her back as our State Representative.  As a centrist, who votes for the best candidate and not for the party of the candidate, I cannot think of a more qualified and deserving person to represent Ridgefield and the surrounding towns.  

Today's politics are too full of extremists from the far-right to the woke left. Toni has demonstrated to all of us that she is capable of working for all of us in a bipartisan manner.  And Toni's goal remains to represent us and not use her position as a State Senator for further aspirations in politics.

I trust Toni, I have met Toni, and I know she will always be there for us.  For these reasons I hope we can support Toni Boucher in her bid to regain her seat in the State Senate. 

Dr. Evan S. Levine

Lounsbury Road