Support for Bob Hebert

Bob Hebert

Bob Hebert

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‘We need Bob’s leadership’

Bob Hebert has demonstrated his ability to lead, as shown in his bipartisan decision-making on the Board of Selectmen, and endorsements by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Independent Party of Connecticut, the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, the Ridgefield Police Union, and the statewide Realtors Association.

Bob has been given the stamp of approval by retiring State Rep. John Frey and former State Sen. Toni Boucher. Bob will represent Ridgefield in Hartford by supporting policies that stand up for law and order; oppose the regionalization of our schools; and oppose state mandates that will dictate local zoning laws.

I have known Bob for 20 years, and had the privilege of working alongside him on various committees. He is humble, pragmatic, and intelligent. He listens, and he is decisive. We need Bob’s leadership in Hartford. Please join me in voting for Bob on Nov. 3.

Cynthia Flood

Pierrepont Drive, Oct. 18

Bob represents all of us

My entire voting life, I have been proud of the many times I’ve cast my ballot in support of candidates from both major parties. I believe people should look at the candidates first, not the party. No one party has a monopoly on good ideas. Especially in local elections, I look for candidates that have an open mind, a willingness to listen and the desire to work across party lines to get things done for their constituents. In our local election, it’s more than clear that only one candidate fits that mold. Through his professional and public service experience, Bob Hebert has proven an ability to work with others to get things done. When his challenger proudly proclaimed “I have never voted Republican” on a recent TV interview, further explaining that she cannot support anyone from the Republican Party, it became clear that she will not represent all of us.

Steven Gmelin

Round Lake Road, Oct. 18

Bob, ‘a voice for all’

On Nov. 3, I will be voting for Bob Hebert for state representative. Bob is a leader, he has integrity, heart and the experience needed to get the job done.

Bob will help keep local control of our schools and fight against regionalization. He will continue to support local businesses and encourage growth for Ridgefield while keeping an eye on local zoning. Most importantly he will listen to his community members and be a voice for all.

Bob’s proven leadership is exemplified as his listens, works together and provides facts when finding solutions for all members of our community.

Bob you have my vote!

Rachel Ruggeri

Ridgefield, Oct. 19

Hebert will make his voice heard in Hartford

As residents of Ridgefield, we strongly identify with Bob Hebert’s core platform of protecting our schools, maintaining the history and culture of Ridgefield, and serving as an advocate in state government for the interests of the community.

We have met Bob personally, and were struck by his openness, his humility and his willingness to listen. As he conveyed to us recently, each of us, individually, has limited control of upcoming electoral outcomes, locally, regionally and nationally, but if we all vote, together we make the difference.

Bob ensured us that if he is indeed elected to represent the people he will make his voice heard in Hartford with respect to our constitutional interests and conservative concerns.

His positions, attitudes and demeanor are, in our judgment, exactly what is needed at this incredibly important moment in our American history.

Ken and Deanna Grant

Ridgefield Road, Oct. 19