“There is nothing certain, but the uncertain,”


For all Ridgefield high school students at the moment, this is what life has come to revolve around.

Ever since the first grade, my fellow students and I have envisioned the idyllic year of 2020. A year so distant in the future, yet so surprisingly tangible for all of us. A year full of refreshing excitement and innocent adventures; the true embodiment of young spirit.

Now that it’s finally here, it is safe to say that we are as far from that idea as we were when we first entered high school. Our “senior year” seems to have stayed at that; a mere idea. The enigma that is COVID-19 has infiltrated every student’s life in every aspect imaginable. In a matter of hours, my fellow students and I went from being worried about our next exam or project to not even knowing if we were going to set foot in a high school classroom ever again.

Instead of talking about last night’s homework or next week’s project, class discussions became ventilations or breathing rooms for everyone’s warranted worries and anxieties about the potential disruptions that could come.

And indeed they did. Clubs, varsity sports, theatrical plays, and all extracurricular activities were the first to fall victim to the invasive epidemic that is COVID-19. The afternoon of Thursday, March 12th, however, proved to be an inevitable turning point not only in our high school careers, but in our lives. Led by Ridgefield’s Interim Superintendent, Dr. Pattyfote, Ridgefield Public Schools took the unfortunate yet necessary decision to close all schools indefinitely.

Undoubtedly so, this measure is a highly unprecedented one for all of us. I have come to realize that this misfortune that has been imposed upon all of us, has struck specifically close to the heart of my fellow senior athletes. For many, this senior season was perhaps the last time they would ever set foot on a court or field in competition ever again. It was the last chance to make something happen, to maybe bring home an FCIAC Championship, or perhaps to make the starting lineup after working towards it over the past three years.

Nonetheless, this year was the year of opportunity for us. The year to showcase our maturity and hard work in hopes of accomplishing our goals. In speaking with my fellow varsity tennis co-captain Brian Song, he spoke about the hardship that is inevitably associated with the uncertainty we all face at this very moment.

“This season promises a lot of opportunities to bring home a championship to Ridgefield Tennis and having to wait desperately in isolation is something that I’ve truly haven’t come to terms with quite yet.”

In speaking with varsity baseball co-captain, Ben Brewster, his words led me to the conclusion that all we can have right now, is hope.

“ It is obviously impossible to tell whether or not our season is going to even happen, but our best bet is to stay in the mindset that has led us to success in the past and keep going at it no matter what,” he said.

As a Ridgefield high school student, I feel as though we are now more united than ever in midst of these truly unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps this is what is needed to cope with the plague of uncertainty that has been inflicted upon all of us during these tough times.

I can wholeheartedly say that as a student body and as citizens of this great town, we will not lose hope.