Resident thanks town for support during tough time

My son died recently at the early age of 32. This was a very challenging time for both me and his three young children who live with me. The word of his passing somehow circulated throughout town and the resulting response was unexpected and amazing.

The outpouring of love came from many sources. I am unable to recognize all contributors in this (?) due to the numerous individuals and organizations involved although I do need to specifically mention the following:

The Jonas fund of St Mary’s church.

The individuals involved have offered unlimited support both emotionally and materially. They continually stay in touch offering assistance.

Scotland School. Trays of food, gift cards, flowers, etc. from all departments and individuals including a very touching and unexpected attendance at the funeral by the children’s three teachers. Principal Katkocin also attended and additionally followed up with phone calls and sharing lunch with the children. I recently moved to Ridgefield for multiple reasons but especially due to the outstanding education offered. Little did I know the exceptional level of emotional support matched the fine education.

The Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield

Fun, action and safety are just a few words to describe this organization. The generosity offered to me and my grandchildren has been outstanding. The staff knows my children personally and have been a great form of support during a very challenging time.

All that remains to be said is thank you, thank you and thank you!!

All the best,

Dotty Weise