RVNAhealth honors inaugural 'Directors Emeritus'

The home health care agency, RVNAhealth, located at 27 Governor Street in Ridgefield, has bestowed a special honor, and a brand new title,

The home health care agency, RVNAhealth, located at 27 Governor Street in Ridgefield, has bestowed a special honor, and a brand new title, “Directors Emeritus,” on two of its cherished members of its Board of Directors. Pictured left to right are: Joyce Ligi, who has been given the honor; Eileen Walker, RVNAhealth Board Chair; Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President & CEO; and Bill Wyman, who has also been given the honor.

RVNAhealth / Contributed photo

RVNAhealth recently bestowed a special honor, and a brand new title, on two cherished members of the board.

The honor recognizes Joyce Ligi and Bill Wyman — who have steered and served RVNAhealth with intelligence, wisdom, and deep affection for many decades — as the organization’s very first “Directors Emeritus.”

It was presented at RVNAhealth’s annual meeting on Dec. 1 by Board Chair Eileen Walker, who introduced the new role and lauded the contributions of Ligi and Wyman.

“RVNAhealth has benefited from long-standing volunteer support in the communities it serves,” she began. “Passionate community members who give their time, talent and treasure to the organization — some for years, others for decades — to assist in promoting and executing RVNAhealth’s mission.

“Past directors and officers of the board who have served RVNAhealth in extraordinary ways are eligible for recognition with the appointment of ‘Director Emeritus.’ Those nominated for this honor have made a distinct mark on the agency through their leadership. They are individuals who have led RVNAhealth to greater success in delivering on its mission and securing the agency for the future.”

Ligi and Wyman certainly fit this bill. Ligi first became involved with RVNAhealth in 1977, and Wyman has been actively involved with the agency for nearly two decades. Both served two terms as chair of the board (Ligi from 1997 to 2001 and Wyman from 2005 to 2009) in addition to holding other roles and serving on a breadth of board committees.

During her tenure, Ligi initiated a semi-annual newsletter, established the annual meeting dinner and the Nightingale Award, and worked on the Centennial Committee. Over the years, she also served on the Finance Committee and chaired the Development Committee. Ligi has played a key role in outreach to Ridgefield and neighboring communities served by RVNAhealth, even recruiting her mother, Dana Casavecchia, to our volunteer ranks.

As a former chair of the board, Wyman is largely credited with transforming RVNAhealth into a highly competitive 21st century business in a dynamic market, never compromising the mission or values. Since finishing his terms as board chair, Wyman has served continually on board committees — including finance, technology, marketing, strategic planning and audit — offering extraordinary hands-on value and insights.

In their role as directors emeritus, Ligi and Wyman may continue to serve on board committees, as well as attend board meetings, with no vote and no responsibilities or, as Eileen Walker, explained it: “You can wreak havoc on the board and committees for as long as you like!”

Sincere and passionate for decades, Ligi and Wyman have certainly earned this privilege and RVNAhealth is forever grateful, and better, for their service.