My mom, the state Rep

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

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To the Editor:

My mom is Aimee Berger-Girvalo. She is running for re-election for State Representative and I am so excited. I am really lucky to be so close with my mom. She’s the person I go to if I have a problem, I need advice, or if I have a fun story about my day. She listens and she cares. This is exactly the type of person we need in Hartford–someone who will pay attention and stand up for us.

I know she is the person for this role because of how hard she works to help others. She’s taught my brother and me that we are not the only people in the world; that we all need to look out for each other, whether we’re walking around town, going to school, or being a representative in Hartford!

She’s raised us to be brave, compassionate, and to lead with love. My mom has never expected us to be perfect, she wants us to be courageous and kind. That’s who she is. She never backs down because something seems too difficult. My mom stands up for what she believes in. I feel safe knowing she was protecting us–all of us–in Hartford. 

To this day, she is cheering for my brother and me in everything we do. In our house, we always root for one another. It’s really awesome to be cheering for her now. My mom always tells us we’re not alone, that she’ll support us forever. And she has never let us forget how loved we are. I love my mom endlessly and I cannot wait to cast my vote for her on November 8th. 

Gracie Girvalo

Bennetts Farm Road