Move forward, not backwards in Ridgefield

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Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

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Back in the 1970s, a pro-choice, single friend of mine from college got pregnant a few years after graduating.  Although Roe v Wade made abortion an option, she chose to have her child.  As a pregnant single woman, she was fired from her job on moral grounds, and her insurance was cancelled for the same reason so all her healthcare was out of pocket: pre-natal, birth, post-natal.  That wasn't that long ago, folks, and the Republicans in Hartford are taking us back there.

Legislators who oppose abortion in all circumstances are just foisting their own personal beliefs on women. Equally un-American are legislators who would allow women to choose abortion only in the case of rape or incest—which makes them pro-choice--but only if they can dictate, for their own political gain, which choices women are allowed to make about their own lives.  

Vote for Aimee Berger-Girvalo to move forward, not backwards.

Sky Cole
Prospect Street