Ridgefield voters

To all the Ridgefield voters, volunteers and supporters including endorsement writers, lawn-sign acceptors, phone bankers, and door knockers:

I look forward to delivering outstanding financial results as Ridgefield’s town treasurer — you deserve nothing less!

Molly McGeehin

Tanton Hill Road

Democratic Town Committee

Thank you to everyone who helped make our team’s victory last night possible. Twenty-two years ago when I was first elected to the Board of Selectmen there was no board in town that had a Democratic majority. It took the hard work of some very committed Dems, like Ellen Darvick, Maureen and Geoff Bartlett, Susan Cocco, and more recently, Alex Harris, Jessica Jane Mancini, Karen Sulzinsky, and so many others (please forgive me for not mentioning your name) to bring us to this day when every board in town has a Democratic majority.

The above and so many others, including our beloved First Selectman Rudy Marconi, have worked long and hard to build a significant Democratic Party in Ridgefield and a well-organized, well-run and welcoming Democratic Town Committee. Now comes the even harder part. We have the majority everywhere in town. The successes and the burdens now fall squarely on our shoulders. We have the responsibility to lead and act in a manner that makes our town proud of us. I have faith we can do this. Thank you all for putting your trust in us

Barbara Manners

Ridgefield Selectwoman, Nov. 6