Maintaining Lounsbury House needs to be a community effort

To the Editor,

I first laid eyes on Lounsbury House in 1994 when my husband and I discovered the charming town of Ridgefield and bought our home where we have lived ever since.

Fast forward to 2021 and I am a proud member of the Lounsbury House Board of Directors. I am very happy to share why it was special then and now and why the support of our community is so important to maintain this treasure.

The welcoming beauty of the building — which invited us to grab a rocking chair on its impressive porch and spend some time almost three decades ago — still exists as a community resource to so many. Weddings, town celebrations, recitals, fundraisers and holiday festivities are all ways we have enjoyed the property over the years. It enhances the economic growth of Ridgefield and is a centerpiece of Main Street.

Because Lounsbury House is a nonprofit, maintaining this treasured resource needs to be a community effort. No taxpayer funds or funding from Town Hall supports it — a very small, mostly part-time staff makes the magic happen. This past year has had a particularly devastating impact considering Lounsbury’s main source of revenue is wedding rentals.

I have always been a believer that lots of small efforts can create a big impact. If you stop by and grab a seat on the porch you will be a supporter. I encourage you to consider making a donation today so that three decades from now Lounsbury House will continue to welcome future visitors as it did us.

Cathy Savoca, Ridgefield