Letter writer says she looked forward to Mack Reid's reporting every week

To the Editor,

Thank you, Mack!

I just became aware that, after more than 40 years at the Ridgefield Press, Mack Reid has retired.

I have worked with Mack for many years and he has always been a champion of my eco-passion by publishing articles, attending events, and supporting my Enviro-Tips column for almost 10 years.

So many Ridgefield residents relied on his weekly articles that covered Ridgefield happenings from local board meetings to unbiased election coverage. Although the paper has gotten thinner in recent years, I looked forward to Mack's reporting on my community and will miss his updates. I know I am not alone in wishing him only the best in whatever endeavor he chooses. Thanks for the memories.

Molly McGeehin, Ridgefield, Dec. 31