Letter to the editor: Stop noise and light pollution in Ridgefield




To the editor: 

In the Dec. 1, Ridgefield Press, Vincent Giordano asked the question, “Should Ridgefield ban Gas-powered leaf blowers?"

The clear answer is yes, not only because of the disruptively high decibel output of the usually two stroke gasoline engines and the unacceptable air pollution noted, but also because of the manner in which they are operated. On, off, on, off, RRRRRRRRRRR then putputput, then more RRRRRRRRRRRR  — then quiet — you think it’s over, but no, just refueling — then start again, randomly, disturbingly, shockingly intrusive. For hours at a time, day after day. Enough!

For the leaf-obsessed there are excellent electric hand held leaf blowers — quiet, reliable and powerful. No more excuses. And a winter covering of leaves can benefit your garden and the environment in general. 

And while we are at it, isn’t it finally time to ban those hideous direct brilliant white flood and spot lights that burn holes in our retinas? It is time for Ridgefield to adopt Dark Skies standards for outdoor lighting ie. shield the light source  (bulb ) from shining outward or upward. Light your property, but not your neighbor’s. It is easy to do with the proper shielding or fixture, so why is Ridgefield so nonchalant about noise and light pollution when there are easy and workable solutions? Who benefits from continuing to allow unreasonable noise and light pollution? These are not victimless crimes. People and animals suffer. 

I find it deeply disquieting that we continue to allow sensory intrusions that not only disrupt our domestic tranquility but also physically harm us. Lay and professional literature continues to report the adverse health effects of loud noise and brilliant LED light on cardiovascular, visual and nervous systems. Consult Dr. Google. 

Mike Autuori
Florida Road