Letter to the Editor: Maher says 26th Senate District race is a choice between 2 visions for future

Ceci Maher

Ceci Maher

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On Nov. 8, voters in the 26th District will choose between two different records and two different visions for the future.

My vision is collaboration and Connecticut values. Our communities are at their best when we cooperate and consider each other, even when we don’t agree.

My opponent has a different view, borrowing from national-party talking points stoking fear and division. Talking points aren’t what people think about day-to-day. We think about safety and traffic, our children’s schools, and the community that sustains us and our livelihoods.

From paying down the pension debt, to passing historic middle-income tax cuts, our state is on solid fiscal ground. We must build on that progress, making Connecticut more affordable and competitive.

Parents tell me they’re afraid of the next tragedy. My opponent believes Connecticut’s gun laws have gone “too far.” I believe we haven’t gone far enough. I’m endorsed by CT Against Gun Violence and awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.

Climate change is real. We must meet the moment, modernizing our transportation infrastructure, helping to eliminate carbon emissions. I’m endorsed by the CT League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club of Connecticut.

Reproductive freedom should not be a debate. Connecticut Republicans have tried over 30 times recently to undermine abortion access. I’ll never waver. I’m the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women.

I support the LGBTQIA+ community, will protect marriage equality and defend equal rights. My opponent voted against expanding our anti-discrimination laws, to include gender identity and expression (H.B. 6599). I believe everyone should live freely and authentically without fear.

I’ve dedicated my life to making our communities better. On Nov. 8, Connecticut’s future is in your hands. I ask for your vote, so we can build the future together.

Ceci Maher Sturges Ridge Road, Wilton