To the Editor:

In the August 15 edition of The Ridgefield Press, Letters to the Editor, Lori Mazzola of Ridgefield Voters United states in the first paragraph of her letter:

“The very fact that PZB felt they needed to write the longest article in history defending themselves says a lot right there. It’s called overjustification.”

It is important that her statement accurately reflect who wrote the article. The article was written by Mack Reid, reporter for the Ridgefield Press, not the “PZB.”

The content of the article was determined not by PZB (Planning & Zoning Commission), but solely by Mr. Reid. Mr. Reid conducted a lengthy review of the issues, including interviews, and presented them to the readers of the Press.

The Commission at no time felt compelled to defend themselves by writing the article.

Charles Robbins, Commissioner

Planning & Zoning Commission, Aug. 15