Letter: Yes, Trump is racist

To the Editor:

The July 25 Ridgefield Press had a strong letter by Chris Grey implying racism to Trump and in last week’s Press there is a response by Ms. Lavelle struggling to cover over Trump’s racism by listing several examples from early Trump history that are not pertinent. Some months ago one of us countered another of her Trump support letters by pointing out that, at that time, Bannon was the worst concern because he was evil. Eventually the Trump children evidently talked their Father into banishing Bannon from the inner circle. But he still exerts considerable influence over Trump.

The surest way to confirm the racism of Trump is to quote the headline from the front page of yesterday’s NY Times “Trump’s words fuels racial strife.” The article goes on to quote Trump’s tweet telling several black Congresswomen to go back to where you came from although they are all citizens and all but one are US born. He criticized the black Baltimore Congressman, who is Chair of the House Committee investigating Trump. He called Baltimore a rat-infested city that no one would want to live in. Also there were the endless tweets that Obama was born in Africa. We can remember the Charlottesville invasion by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists carrying guns, including one who drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk killing a young woman. Trump said there were good people amongst those who were chanting Nazi slogans.

All these are examples of masses of people who understand Trump’s racism but Ms. Lavelle overlooks it all.

Walter and Sabina Slavin

Governor Street, Aug. 5