Letter: Writer impressed with Act of CT in Ridgefield




To the Editor:

Although I was pleased to read your Dec. 8 Opinion piece urging CT residents to support local theaters, I was disappointed to see ACT of CT in Ridgefield omitted from your list of suggestions. In their five short years in town, ACT of CT has established itself as a world class theater, winning multiple awards, including a Grammy nomination!

This regional theater not only deserves mention, but I would argue top billing. The dynamic team of Dan Levine, Bryan Perri, Erin Craig and Katie Diamond are unparalleled. Every production at ACT of CT is a show not to be missed. Granted, there is no show running in December, as the highly acclaimed Guys & Dolls production just finished. But next up in January is Rock of Ages followed by Secret Garden in the Spring. Tickets to any ACT of CT performance makes a great gift this holiday season!

Tizzie Mantione
Ivy Hill Road