To the Editor:

In response to the Aug. 18 letter from Eleanor Anderson titled, “Dog waste receptacles on Main Street,” I happened upon the Andersons while taking a walk. They were emptying the receptacles and I was struck by how the stench from one of the overflowing waste receptacles on the corner of Branchville Road and Main Street was so overpowering.

While it was kind of the Andersons to empty the receptacles, they shouldn’t have to do it or feel compelled to do it.

When I returned home, I wrote an email to Rudy Marconi asking why the town would install dog waste receptacles with no plan to have either the town of Ridgefield’s waste removal company or a town employee empty them on a regular basis.

If the town is not willing to provide resources other than asking for volunteers to empty them, they should remove them.

Patricia Bishop

Main Street, Aug. 25