To the Editor:

I’m writing to all residents of Ridgefield who just received a sewer tax bill that increased your tax from $470 to $750 a year. A 60 percent increase in your sewer tax for fiscal year of 2019-20.

While you may not have paid much attention before when you received a flat tax of $470, you should start to pay attention now. Your sewer tax is projected to exceed $928 by 2029, that’s based on the $48 million dollar bond issue just approved. Actually your tax could well exceed $1,000 of more since the cost of demolishing the pump station at Route 7 and 35 is still unknown.

In addition the $48 million included $11 million coming from the state which we still do not have and could add another $11 million that would have to be covered by taxes if it doesn’t happen. So what I’m saying is the sewer Ttx that just went up 60 percent shoule be a Usage Based Tax (UBT).

We are in an election year and this is a time to hold our representatives accountable. There are many ways to more fairly allocate the sewer tax such as water usage, size of house by bedroom, Size by square footage.

First of all we need to separate residential from commercial. Why should a two-bedroom home or condo pay the same tax as a business who has public bathrooms and does lots of cleaning. Why should a home of three or four acres of grass and four or five bedrooms pay the same tax as one-bedroom home. A number of local communities already have implemented some form of UBT (Usage Based Tax).

My reason for writing this note is to encourage any resident who cares about fhe fairness of this tax to attend the Water Pollution Control Authority Meeting on Sept 26 at the Town Hall Annex at 7 p.m. and let the Authoity and our selectmen know that a $750 flat tax is unacceptable and needs to be amended to distribute the cost as reasonable as possible to those using the most, Usage Based Tax.

Ray Goddard

Ridgefield, Sept. 3