To the Editor:

I am an unaffiliated voter. Today, more than ever, both the actions and the lack thereof of the federal government have cemented my position. The self-serving interest that Washington displays, and the lies to say that it is not so, to the detriment of the citizens they were elected to serve, has deeply saddened and troubled my soul. I want to believe that we are better than this.

Consistently in the news are stories about leaders and everyday citizens pushing emotional buttons to change opinions, to support ideas that are totally devoid of any factual basis. They do this, not caring about the damage that they can cause others, as long as they get their five seconds of fame. Truth no longer seems to matter. Facts are completely interchangeable and can be created to fit the narrative. Magically, opposites are now both true and correct. It appears that reason is out of vogue and decency is for the weak. Gratitude is forgotten. I am writing this letter to remind people that Ridgefielders can be better, and are better than the unfortunate national narrative that is dividing our country.

Ridgefield is a safe and “vibrant” small town. We have restaurants, commerce, arts, culture, history, good education, uniqueness, and natural beauty. Ridgefield citizens have made history not only here, but around the world. Ridgefield thrives despite the lack of leadership at the state and federal level.

Let us continue this course that creates both a legacy and a future that we can be proud to be co-creators of. Let us lead by reason, decency, and gratitude, always thankful for what we have and hopeful for the future. To me, this is Ridgefield.

Andrew Neblett

Ashbee Lane, Oct. 20