To the Editor:

Could someone please help me understand the Ridgefield Planning and Zoning approval process.

On October 2, the commission voted to approve a storage facility on Route 7 despite the fact that submitted plans were not in compliance with regulations. John Katz, a member of the commission, voted not to approve stating there were areas of requirements the regulations didn't meet. The two proposed buildings are “incompatible with the neighborhood.” The “location, size and nature of proposed land use” must be in harmony with the district in which is located ... the proposed buildings are not.

The Architectural Advisory Committee provided opinions that the proposed buildings were not in character with neighboring buildings of one or two stories ... the proposed facility is four stories; neighboring buildings are mostly brick and wood ... the proposed facility is concrete. Also, regulations do not give commissioners discretion to approve projects that fail to meet requirements.

Despite all this, the self storage facility was approved ... what am I missing here?

Mary Burke

Danbury Road, Oct. 12