To the Editor:

We lost one of Ridgefield’s best last week. Fortunately, he is definitely alive, and we will see our family friend again soon. Much like the Ridgefield Walker (Michael Nardone) and others, John Saoulidis is the fabric of Ridgefield and what makes this town special.

After reading several articles about John and Anna’s time at the West Lane Deli, I feel like a relative newcomer for only having been a regular for 10 years. We, like so many, called it John’s Deli. John’s place was my morning routine most mornings. Yes, the coffee is great, but I went in to hear, “Aye, Timmy,” every morning when I walked in. That's a name reserved for John and people who knew me before I was 8. We went to John’s on the weekends for my kids. We all looked forward to the food and to seeing John. In a rushed culture of just wanting to get in and out, John taught my kids the value of greeting people, looking them in the eye and knowing their names. We felt he knew all of us personally, and there have been a lot of Kellys over the years.

I wish the new owners all the best. Please keep the great service and coldest ice tea in town (according to my wife). That said, John and Anna, thanks for all you have given to me, my family and Ridgefield over the years. I’m going to miss you so much and can’t wait to see you again soon at Gyro on Pita.

Tim Kelly

Tanglewood Court, Jan. 13