Letter: We must make effort to grow trust and ensure a healthy community

To the Editor:

As a new administration begins this week, we all know that changes are sure to come. However, the divisiveness of our society remains. I encourage us to remember the qualities of a safe community.

A quick web search highlights qualities that we know well such as trust, connected and empowered families, positive school climates, healing, improved community design and conditions, improved economic opportunity, decreased arrests and recidivism, and hope. These are qualities that I hope we will continue to prioritize as Ridgefielders by dedicating time toward their practice. There are many resources toward this end; no doubt many of you know them.

The evil of divisiveness will continue to take root and grow with the water of inaction on the part of good people bent toward a loving community. If we want trust to grow, then we must put efforts toward that end on our “to do” list. Let’s make time to do things that strengthen our community. Find a friend or network that is working toward these ends so that you’re encouraged. Create ways to explore bringing these practices into your routines. This is hard work! We can do it!

The qualities of a healthy community have always been ours. Let’s keep them through ongoing practice, creating new opportunities where the old ones no longer meet the need. I believe in the people of Ridgefield. I also believe that good will always win, as long as good is always practiced.

The Rev. Whitney Altopp, rector, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Ridgefield, Jan. 19