To the Editor:

Take a look at an article published in the Hartford Courant, Sept. 15, by Gary and Michelle Vallo (“We Didn’t Leave Connecticut, Connecticut Left Us”). The couple were 35-year residents of Glastonbury who decided to move to New Hampshire because of the current economic and political conditions in Connecticut. They precisely outline good reasons why our state should not be governed by a single party, in present case, the Democrats.

On a national level, it can be credibly argued that this political party refuses to participate in the compromise necessary to make laws. Their administrations long ago forfeited their legislative power to unelected appointees, committees or factions holding various, and uncommon agenda. They now stubbornly refuse to assent to the lawfully elected executive. They long appointed partisans to swarm the state and local powers. They long plagued the people with unnecessarily complex regulation. They conduct mock trials at their “legislative” hearings. They imposed excessive taxes and fees. They altered, for singular minority purpose, the fundamental form of government. They conspired with mercenaries within their halls for special purpose and private profit. They, and their allies, now sow domestic insurrection for the sole purpose of re-achieving national dominance

Since all government is ultimately local, the responsibility for these affronts rests upon those locally affiliated with this party. We are properly absolved from any allegiance to this party; our connections thereto should be dissolved. [cf. The Declaration of Independence, 1776; Thomas Paine, “Common Sense”, 1776].

Vote for anyone with a brain who is not a Democrat, if no other reason, for the sake of independence from local dominance by any one side. Better to pit wolves against each other, so they do not devour us.

John Tartaglia

Danbury Road, Sept. 15