To the Editor:

The lack of concern for the tax impact on senior citizens by public school spending is why Ridgefield needs a new property tax policy.

A property tax policy that will protect senior citizen homeowners from wasteful school spending.

Proposing a 4 percent increase in public school spending when student enrollment is declining lacks any sign of being efficient.

Ridgefield has six elementary schools but really only needs five.

Every excuse is used to delay the closing of the extra school and save the taxpayer money.

Stop the nonsense and develop an efficiency culture to run the public schools.

Learn from great public school systems like Wilton, CT, where they managed public school spending effectively and still maintained outstanding educational outcomes.

That is what good management teams do … more with less.

Ridgefield public schools should start thinking about all the people who pay taxes in our town and not just their own interests.

Senior citizen homeowners should not have to suffer because of poor budget management at the public schools.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Jan. 19