To the Editor:

OK, let’s get everyone who received a sewer tax bill to come out to the Water Pollution Contol Authority meeting tonight to tell the authority that we don’t want a flat tax.

I’ve asked any home or condo owners and any others in Ridgefield to come out to this meeting tonight and show support for changing to a usage based tax.

There is no reason that this can’t be done and for the average homeowner, this will reduce their sewer tax now and even more in the future. This is the time to hold our representatives running for office accountable now. Newtown has a usage-based sewer tax that is based on water usage, why not Ridgefield? Again for starters, we need to separate commercial from residential.

Once again, I need your support tonight; we can make this happen if we can get enough taxpayers to show support.

The Water Pollution Control Authority meeting is tonight Sept. 26, at the Town Hall Annex at 66 Prospect Street. Take a few minutes and help reduce your tax bill.

Ray Goddard

Prospect Ridge, Sept. 20