Letter: Vote Yes to prohibition of Cannabis establishments in town

We submit this as a “Letter to the Editor” for publication in the September 1, 2022 issue of “The Ridgefield Press.”

To Ridgefield Voters: As noted in last week's "Ridgefield Press," there will be a Special Town Meeting for all citizens on Wednesday, September 7, 2022. The meeting will take place at our Town Hall Annex in the conference room at 66 Prospect Street next to the Yanity Gym, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The Third Item on the published agenda is to continue The Board of Selectmen's Ordinance that prohibits Cannabis Establishments in all zoning districts within the town of Ridgefield.

We urge all caring citizens to VOTE YES to continue the prohibition against selling any form of marijuana in our small family-oriented town.

We quote a report from Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana: "Marijuana is 10 to 40 times stronger than 40 years ago, [with a THC content rising from 2 to 3 percent to currently 20 percent to 50 percent].”

THC is the mind-altering chemical that gets a user high. It is a hallucinogenic drug. It continues to negatively affect memory and emotional processing, organs and bodily systems.

Marijuana is a "gateway drug" that primes the brain to seek stronger drugs, and marijuana users are more likely than nonusers to use heroin and abuse pharmaceutical opioids."

We will VOTE YES to continue the prohibition of Cannabis Establishments in our Town of Ridgefield. We are particularly concerned for the safety of our young families lovingly growing school-age children. We all need to care about the quality of life in Ridgefield.

Raymond and Catherine Sementini

Old Wagon Road