Letter: Up for sale?

To the Editor:

Seems that Ridgefield has lost its way. No longer are the times when someone moved to town and stayed. Generations of people filling the community we all love. Today it seems like as soon as their children are off to college so are the folks. No need to stay, and pay these high taxes! Time to move to a low tax state and save what little is left.

This past year was even worse, so many houses up for sale. Every street had two, or more homes for sale.For example, New Street is a small street maybe a ¼ mile long. It had five houses for sale. What is going on? Why don’t our elected officials see their policies are what is killing our wonderful town! Every year town taxes go up. Of course that doesn’t include all the new taxes the state has happily added on, and tolls are on the way. Our current leaders need to find ways to lower taxes and the costs of living. Residents cannot afford to have their taxes constantly going up causing them to move away. House values are also effected since there is always so much supply on the market home values cannot appreciate. Even local businesses can’t stay in business for long. That’s because their clientele is constantly moving away. Our elected leaders always promise they can and will do better, however we always seem to get more of the same. Less services and more taxes. Look at our town’s roads they are in such poor condition.

We need to take a hard look at who we trust to run our community and it seems the status quo is not getting the job done.

Eric Horsa

Langstroth Drive, Oct. 22