To the Editor:

Your July 25th letter by Chris Grey bears the title “Tragic Meltdown of the American ideal.” The more electronic gadgets our young people use, the worse the verbal and physical violence grows.

Deliberate abuses of power fueled by the instant gratification tool that the Internet is, in every way, the opposite of the cultivation of patience — a virtue a wiser society seeks.

We need community footraces, not Twitter; we need gardening, not weaponry; we need prayer, not hatred; and we need longer thoughts.

We also, even though this society nearly worships youthfulness, need the wisdom of our oldest and wisest.

As late summer reading in these difficult, violent times I recommend 88-year-old Arthur Simon’s 279-page work to all Democrats, Republics, Greens, and libertarians: “Silence Can Kill: Speaking Up To End Hunger and Make Our Economy Work For Everyone.”

Rick Steves wrote the foreword. William B. Eerdmans Publishing has given all who can think in English a way out of our big mess.

Susan Abken

Redding, Aug. 7

Editor’s note: The Press received a hard copy of this letter on Aug. 21. Too late for last week’s paper.