To the Editor:

In a recent letter, Greg Kabasakalian chose to target my character. He used the phrase “wolf in sheep’s clothing” to describe my run for the BoE. It is time I address his ridiculous assertion directly.

The phrase implies that I am pretending to be something that I am not. I assume Mr. Kabasakalian is inferring that I am not a real Republican? I registered as a Republican in Ridgefield on Nov. 14, 2006. It is the core Republican values of fiscal and personal responsibility that brought me into this race. Of the other five candidates, some also share my longevity in their party affiliation. Others do not.

As is available in the public record, only one of the five other candidates has been a registered Republican in Ridgefield longer than I. Also of note, one of the candidates that Mr. Kabasakalian is asking that readers support did not become a Republican until July 22. That candidate was a registered Independent the day before. This candidate could not vote for themselves at the RTC caucus that Mr. Kabasakalian deems so important, nor will they be able to vote for themselves in the primary. Does he have similar concerns about that candidate? My guess is no. He likely understands he has five concerned citizens willing to run.

Mr. Kabasakalian confuses being a Republican and having the support of the RTC. Electoral rules clearly state that I do not need the support of the RTC to run. Given the unwelcoming nature of RTC comments towards me since I announced, I am amazed he still wonders why I would not seek their approval. Before he slights someone because they would not seek the RTC endorsement, maybe Mr. Kabasakalian should ask why such a long-term Republican candidate like myself would knowingly do so? Perhaps if he looks inward he can find the answers he seeks.

Darrin McGuire

Old Sib Road, Aug. 26