To the Editor:

What are the costs of the September 10 Republican Primary for Board of Education? Generally, a Primary such as this one will run anywhere from $13k to $15k. Since the schools are in session, we will need to provide additional Police security. So the total for this Primary will be around $18k to $20k.

Who will bear that cost? Simply stated, all taxpayers in Ridgefield are on the hook. Since the cost for Primaries is under the Registrar of Voters budget, this is not a Republican, Democrat or Undecided cost. It’s all tax paying Ridgefielders.

This is all very unfortunate because the Ridgefield RTC conducted an aggressive and comprehensive candidate search. Many people stepped forward. To my knowledge, all were interviewed and none were turned away from the process. As I have previously stated, the RTC selected their candidates at the Caucus on July 23rd. What changed on July 24th? In accordance with State Statute, we are required to hold Primaries, to have an open ballot when these circumstances arise.

I respect the cost of democracy. Even if that cost, in the case for this Primary, was unnecessary as the RTC tent was open for business for a very long time. I urge all Republicans to vote in the Primary on September 10.

Greg Kabasakalian

Washington Avenue, Sept. 2