Letter: The 2020 election and bigotry

To the Editor:

The impending tumult of 2020’s presidential campaign will include shrill cries of “bigotry!” Before getting suckered, take a good hard look at Baltimore, then consider the implications of a Wall Street Journal article, written by Lance Morrow, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Policy Center, (WSJ, June 19, 2019, P. A-19 “A Reckoning With Martin Luther King”).

Morrow describes the credible, scholarly research of Dr. David Jeffries Garrow, MLK’s Pulitzer Prize winning biographer, who found in recently released JFK archives, documentary evidence of MLK’s apparent sexual depravity, including app. 40 extra-marital affairs, group sex, voyeurism and rape, all cataloged by wiretap (and filming) authorized by AG Robert F. Kennedy with express permission of JFK, just prior to his assassination. Garrow identifies substantial payments made to MLK in early 1960’s by two lawyers who were active agents of the Communist Party. His work was refused by every American publisher, but appeared in the respected British periodical, Standpoint.

Morrow states: “a country without heroes becomes either savage or monstrously petty, dull and mean.” Despite Garrow’s findings, he argues for the “grace of the country’s forbearance”because he (MLK) gave his life-gave it knowingly-for the sake of the country.” The corollary of such Democrat apologia proves the proposition false.

The word “bigot”, like many other words, is being exploited in the battle for power among political factions. Dismemberment of the union by deceptive racial identification only diverts the mind’s eye from seeing those who are taking real, constructive, action for the public good, and those who preen, those who seek to cover corruption, those who pretend to act.

John Tartaglia

Danbury Road, Aug. 1