To the Editor:

In the movie “Field of Dreams,” Shoeless Joe Jackson asks, “Is this heaven?” Ray Kinsella responds, “No, it’s Iowa.” On Oct. 19, I had the privilege to attend the Ridgefield Old Timers Association annual dinner. It was at this event that I was once again reminded of how fortunate I am to live in our wonderful town, with it’s warm and kind people.

Growing up, I attended Barlow Mountain. Of all my teachers over the years, “Mrs. H” (I will refrain from using her full name, but I’m sure you know who I am speaking of) was my favorite teacher. As I made my way through the crowd reuniting with old friends, I connected with Mrs. H’s daughter. I started speaking of how much I loved her mother and the cherished memories of my favorite teacher. As she reintroduced me to her mother, I was transposed back to Barlow Mountain.

I introduced my wife, Colette, to my favorite teacher. Mrs. H began to recount a class project about European culture that we did in elementary school. The story was told as if my project was done last week including a full description of all the Armenian foods that my mother had prepared for my presentation.

Mrs. H continued speaking of how she knew I graduated from Fairfield Prep and Sacred Heart University. We spoke of old times and family. I couldn’t believe, after many years, that my favorite teacher had not only remembered me but had such a genuine interest for her past student. Mrs. H embodies everything that is Ridgefield. The memory of this evening will remain with me along with those memories of my favorite teacher, Mrs. H.

So, if I’m ever asked, “Is this heaven?” my response will be, “No, it’s Ridgefield.”

Greg Kabasakalian

Washington Avenue, Oct. 28

Editor’s note: Kabasakalian is running for Board of Finance in this year’s municipal election.