To the Editor:

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school and a BSA Scout from the new all-female Troop 19.

As a woman interested in STEM, I am writing to raise awareness for females in STEM education and careers.

In 2015, women constituted only 28% of workers in STEM occupations ( Male students were more likely than female students to take engineering (3% versus 1%) and computer science courses (7% versus 4%) (

Women receive over half of bachelor’s degrees awarded in the biological sciences but they receive much less in computer sciences (17.9%), engineering (19.3%), physical sciences (39%) and mathematics (43.1%) (

Not only is this issue related to college students and graduates, but this also relates to recent trends, including:

  Girls of a young age are less likely to sign up for a STEM extracurricular course than boys (from around 5 to 15 years of age)

  Boys tend to be more outspoken in STEM classes than girls are

  Girls tend to enjoy STEM less in middle school than they did in elementary school Because of this, I encourage support for women in STEM.

Evia Rodriguez

Old Stagecoach Road, Aug. 29