Letter: Support for Rudy

To the Editor:

A letter writer in last week’s Press asks the question: Who is happy with the current direction our town is moving in?

Well, I am. And my wife is, too. And most of the people I know. We‘ve been in love with Ridgefield since the day we bought our home and moved here 24 years ago. In the ensuing years, Rudy led the way on “The Bundle” which upgraded our schools, and also included a world-class fitness center and the land for Founders Hall. Rudy’s leadership also helped us preserve our valuable open space, including the beautiful McKeon Farm.

Furthermore, we are consistently rated one of the country’s safest towns, our schools are among the top in the state and we have a cultural scene that is the envy of the region. Plus, our Main Street is the definition of New England charm.

Rudy is not just our first selectman, Rudy is a product of our schools and our town. He’s on the job 24/7 and has proven time and again how much he loves our town. His leadership has helped keep Ridgefield one of the best towns in America. So based upon past performance, I enthusiastically support Rudy for re-election.

Roger Garbow

Mimosa Court, Aug. 17