Letter: Silver Spring article was inaccurate

Silver Spring Country Club

Silver Spring Country Club

To the Editor:

We were disappointed in the tone of your article on Silver Spring Country Club (Rowdy Paddle Courts Will Move, Aug. 15). Not only was it factually inaccurate, it was an offensive portrayal of Silver Spring’s members.

Established as a private club in 1930, Silver Spring is a family-oriented club offering a variety of recreational opportunities including golf, tennis, paddle, swim and dining. The membership is drawn from more than 400 households in Fairfield and Westchester counties, with the vast majority living here in Ridgefield. Its members serve on many boards and committees in town and are well regarded in this community from a civic, business, educational, athletic and philanthropic perspective.

The Silver Spring pool has been in its current location for nearly 70 years. The paddle courts have been in the same place for more than 45 years-well before most of the homes on Country Club Road were built. It’s important to recognize that Silver Spring did not grow around a residential community. The residential neighborhood grew around the club because homeowners saw value in being near Silver Spring.

Nevertheless, when club improvements increased paddle activity, which caused unintended concerns for the neighbors, the club made changes — it limited noise at the pool, lowered lights, prohibited music and shortened paddle playing hours because of concern over evening socialization — not because it was required, but because Silver Spring takes being a good neighbor seriously.

The Town of Ridgefield’s Planning & Zoning committee recently unanimously approved Silver Spring’s investment plan for exciting new amenities and infrastructure, including a proposal to relocate the paddle courts to a more remote location. In spite of significant expense to the club, we are excited about our future and look forward to continuing as a vital member of the Ridgefield community.

Robert Jones,

President, Silver Spring Country Club

Editor’s note: This letter was sent on behalf of the Silver Spring membership.