To the Editor:

I would imagine that we have all received the sewer use charge bill from the tax collector.

$750.00 per year, per unit! (The charge will be over $1,000.00 per year soon) Why do we get the bill from, and why do we pay the tax collector and not the WPCA? After all, it is not a tax. The bill is for using a public utility.

In fact, it is the only utility that we pay for that is not based on usage. Is that even legal?

The WPCA knows the cost of treating a gallon of gray/black water that enters the sewage facility. They also can ascertain how many gallons my household contributes to this process. It would seem to me the math would be pretty simple.

All you retired couples, empty nesters, and singles are paying the same fee as Joe Average and his four kids that live a block from you. I would wager that there are more flushed toilets in their household than yours. Yet, you pay the same fee.

The structure of the sewer use charge must be changed.

The inequity of its present state is farcical. If the town’s present administration will not address this issue, maybe we should elect people in November that will.

John W. West

Abbott Avenue, Sept. 1