To the Editor:

About 10 years ago, my son walked into Town Hall as a young middle school student, on a Friday afternoon. He was around 10 years old. This was back before we all gave our kids cell phones in sixth grade. He wanted to come home.

Only in Ridgefield, can a kid march on up to the “Mayor’s” office (his term, not mine) and ask to use his phone. Not only did Rudy let him use his phone, but he made sure that he got through and that he had a way of getting home.

For this and a million more reasons, I can’t imagine anyone else leading Ridgefield into the future. I left a year ago and look forward to someday returning. Just because of things like this.

Rudy looks after all the people who live in Ridgefield, even our littlest ones —when they don’t even know they need it. Thank you for letting a little boy feel both cool and safe!

Irene Burgess

Previously of Twixt Hills Road, Aug. 25