To the Editor:

I’m stuck on a Metro-North train with a bit of time to kill so I thought I’d respond to Julie Schmidt’s somewhat delusional email about how “Ridgefield is ruined.” I’d like to state upfront and for the record that I sort of can’t stand living in this town. It is my wife’s choice and dream to be here. Marriage is a game of compromise. Ridgefield is fine and dandy if you like sports, but guess what? I don’t like sports. I like surfing and eating tacos. Trust me, our house will be up for sale as soon as little Madison (name changed to protect the innocent) walks across that graduation stage (God willing).

Oh sorry, I’m getting off track — back to Julie’s letter! I’ll try and hit some of the key points I disagree with:

1. First off, Julie has only been here 20 years and she claims she’s a New Englander (“Our New England charm”) She’s from La La Land. Not there’s anything wrong with that, but 1999 wasn’t that long ago to be claiming “Our New England charm.” And nothing has changed drastically in 20 years. “Money has taken over.” When since the dawn of history has money not ruled everything? By the way, who the hell is Norman Rockwell?

2. “Our New England charm is demolished with every demolished home.” I hate to break it to you, but time marches on: People can’t afford the upkeep on every slanty shanty from 1776. These things gotta be razed to make room for McMansions. It’s the American way!

3. “I, for one, enjoy trees.” Good God almighty, there is no shortage of trees in this stinking town (or state for that matter). Everywhere I look it’s trees, trees, trees. And take heed, you idiots, this is going out to the whole town: Cut those damn rampant trees and branches down in your yards. If you all took responsibility with your property, we’d have fewer road closures and power outages. Tree removal isn’t as sexy as a kitchen renovations or a finished basement, but some of you all need to have a come to Jesus with yourself and take care of your yards.

4. “We have a Main Street that no longer brings in shoppers and strollers on Saturday afternoons.” Do I enter into some bizarre alternate dimension every Saturday and Sunday? The whole essence of Ridgefield revolves around bringing in out-of-towners on the weekends and we have them in plentitude. No shortage of traffic, that’s for sure. And you say you don’t want traffic, but you are melancholy that people aren’t coming here to shop and stroll. Which is it? Do you want congestion or not? You can’t have it both ways.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat but will be voting against every incumbent — Republican or Democrat. They are all responsible for the current state of our town.” Can’t agree more … we cool! God love ya, Julie!

By the way, who won the election? Instead of voting, I took my kids to Guitar Center to play with instruments. I thought it was a better use of my time.

Scott Frosch

Kiahs Brook Lane, Nov. 8