To the Editor:

After moving to the East Coast from Los Angeles, I took a drive one day and came across Ridgefield — a darling Norman Rockwell town. I fell in love.

I attended several town meetings and one of the buzz words that kept coming up was “open space, with First Selectman Rudy Marconi very proud of the plan to continue buying and saving large parcels of open space as they became available. That sealed the deal. I moved and have been here 20 years.

Since then, money has taken over. Developers have been allowed to buy older homes and demonize them into ugly multiple-unit properties.

Our New England charm is demolished with every demolished home. It is destroyed when every scenic land parcel is cemented over for another new build. Our charming town is quickly becoming Anywhere USA.

I, for one, enjoy trees. I enjoy seeing and living amongst wildlife. I enjoy quiet. I enjoy clean air. All of that is quickly disappearing. The traffic is horrible, and will only become worse.

We have a Main Street that no longer brings in shoppers and strollers on Saturday afternoons.

Ridgefield is now controlled by developers like Sturges Brothers and Steve Zemo. It’s a conflict of interest for John Katz to be on Planning and Zoning.

I’m a lifelong Democrat but will be voting against every incumbent — Republican or Democrat. They are all responsible for the current state of our town. It’s time to take Ridgefield back from the developers.

Julie Schmidt

Quince Court, Oct. 28