Letter to the editor: Republican candidates representing Ridgefield should denounce Trump, Jan. 6

Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

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To the Editor: 

It has been interesting reading the endorsements of the Connecticut Republican candidates in the Press.  And while it’s comforting to know that Toni Boucher and Bob Hebert and the other Republicans are upstanding citizens, something is missing. What is missing from those glowing endorsements is what they haven’t done. 

None of them has publicly denounced Donald Trump’s lie of a stolen election, yet he has not produced one shred of credible evidence. Nor have they publicly rebuked Trump for the three hours he did nothing on Jan. 6 as the police got their heads bashed in while defending our Capitol from an armed mob that he incited.   

Toni, Bob and the others have yet to publicly denounce the Republican National Committee for their claim that the Jan. 6 attack was "legitimate public discourse."  And they have yet to publicly rebuke Trump for taking classified documents from the White House, refusing to return those documents when requested and, then finally, along with other Republicans, maligning the FBI for doing their job, which was to return those documents to where, by law, they belong. 

So while our Republican candidates might be good people, shouldn’t we ask them just how much bad behavior and lawlessness they are willing to condone?  Ask them how they can truthfully claim to be defenders of our democracy, our police, and our laws, and yet say nothing?  And then ask ourselves if we should vote for someone who continues to be a toady to Trump and to this party gone wrong? 

And to all those outspoken Republican election deniers on the ballot, at least we know squarely where your alliance rests and that, sadly, pretty much says it all. 

Carol Mark