Letter: Ridgefield Voters United embraces stronger group with new members




To the Editor:

It's time to get involved!


Our beautiful town continues to be a target by the state and special interest groups who hope to implement mandates and laws that will have significant impacts to our town and neighborhoods.

Our state government and groups such as Desegregate CT, Open Communities Alliance, Partnership for Stronger Communities and others with the same mission, continue to push for one size fits all zoning and high density properties that will bypass our local zoning laws, without taking location and context into consideration. If successful, the look of our beautiful town will make it unrecognizable to many.

Since inception in 2019, Ridgefield Voters United (RVU) became a voice for change, and has helped facilitate new members on the Planning and Zoning Board, a new Inland Wetlands Board, as well many new faces across all town boards and committees.

As the RVU group continues to grow, we are pleased to announce a new stronger group with new members, new spokespersons from each political party with a more defined mission.

The current RVU Facebook page will be renamed to “Ridgefield Residents for Smarter Development” with the new coalition’s mission statement. Additionally, we’ve added a new email address, which is now rrforsd@gmail.com.

We welcome all residents to follow our Facebook page. It will provide you with factual communication alerting you to local and state issues as they arise, that have potential threats to our neighborhoods and homes.

Ridgefield Residents for Smart Development