To the Editor:

While the national and state news focuses on the amazing hospital workers, I would like to draw attention to an incredible and devoted team right here in Ridgefield, the RVNAhealth providers.

Between all their in-home services, they make more than 1,000 visits every week. Their newly developed COVID 19 Response Team has taken on management of these folks exclusively to prevent the potential for transmission. This care to a very sick and fragile population has filled a tremendous and crucial need.

To further protect all patients, regardless of diagnosis, all staff making home visits wear expensive personal protective equipment. For the COVID 19 calls, required PPE (masks, gloves, goggles, gowns, etc.) is currently costing as much as $65 per visit. None of this is covered by insurance or any other funding except for donations. RVNAhealth also is offering Advanced Care Planning via tele-health for anyone concerned about these important decisions during this emergency situation.

This unbelievable health crisis has caught us all by surprise and shock. Our lives have been upended and transformed in ways we never could have imagined. We will get through this with the support and caring of so many in our community. And so, I’m giving a huge shout out of “THANKS” and “FOREVER GRATEFUL” for a job so very well done to one of these groups — the RVNAhealth personnel.

Susan Law