To the Editor:

It was impressive to see the turnout at the town meeting for the vote on assigning aquafer protection to the inland wetland commission. More than 250 people cared about the issue and 180 voted approval. Even more impressive was an earlier vote on banning fracking. I believe some 400 people showed up to approve the measure. Both measures were supported by people who care about Ridgefield and the environment wanting to protect our future.

And yet, the Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment (RACE) which is dedicated to the same goals, has not been able to attract enough members to advance its agenda. We would like to engage businesses in green solutions through an award program, ban plastic straws, increase the use of solar on private residences, improve waste management, decrease food waste, encourage pesticide free garden care, develop an infrastructure for electric vehicles etc. If we had a core group of only 15 people, we could develop all of these goals.

If you are interested in joining and/or have would share what you think we should do to attract more interest, please contact me at

Ben Oko

RACE board member