To the Editor:

Judge Jackson’s memorable statement that “Presidents are not kings” goes to the heart of what Donald Trump has always wanted to be: King Donald.

His authoritarian rule since becoming president seems to indicate that he does think he is King Donald, and not legally or morally responsible for any of his actions as president. What will history write about his presidency? In fact, what will Donald Trump himself write about his presidency given all the lies, fake news and conspiracy theories he propagates?

Let’s see, he already wrote a biography titled “Think Like a Billionaire — Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life” (2003). But wait, this book wasn’t actually written by him but ghostwritten by Meredith Mclver, who did mention that Trump never read his own book.

Maybe Trump can get some ideas for his book by reading (or more likely seeing the movie) “The Man Who Would Be King” by Rudyard Kipling (1888). Probably not a good idea as the ending isn’t exactly what Trump would envision for himself as King of America. Trump will probably restate his history, as was done in the retelling of the biblical story of King Solomon and King David in The King David Report by Stefan Heym (1972).

Trump could paraphrase his history book’s title similar to that of Ethan the Scribe’s — “The One and Only True and Authoritative, Historically Correct and Officially Approved Report on the Amazing Rise, God-fearing Life, Heroic Deeds and Wonderful Achievements of President Donald J. Trump.” And will the Republican National Committee again spend upwards of $100,000 buying multiple copies of his book so as to make The New York Times bestseller list, as they did for son Donald Jr?

Only history will tell.

PA Torzilli

Old Sib Road, Dec. 1