To the Editor:

Now that the pizza has been digested, what’s next in terms of sewer fees? Our fees have been increased from $470 to $750. Wow! And that’s not to mention the impact to the mill rate for all taxpayers to cover the bonding of this project.

But how did we get here and where are we going? Last September, I chronicled the rate increase in my article to The Press. The issue at hand is, sewer fees are going to increase. The first incremental increase has happened with more to come.

I think we may all agree, that our current system needs to be upgraded.

There are two problems with this upgrade. First, the capacity will remain the same, and we are at almost maximum capacity now. Secondarily, the need to expand capacity is a direct correlation to the mass expansion of 8-30g and multifamily dwellings.

So while the few benefit from this expansion, all Ridgefield taxpayers are handed a rising tax bill to support the destruction of our beautiful little New England town. Folks, it’s time for a change. If the current administration supports, and promotes, this gross violation of our beloved town, we need to change course.

Carefully examine the issues this November. Study how these properties destroy the value of our beautiful homes and the character of this town, which I have loved since 1966.

Greg Kabasakalian

Board of Finance candidate