Letter: Parent concerned with childrens’ COVID-19 exposure at school

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the Ridgefield Board of Education, as well as to the Ridgefield Press.

To read Ridgefield Public Schools September COVID-19 practices, visit ridgefield.org/news and click “COVID-19 Practices.”

Do you care?

None of these are rhetorical question. I am genuinely asking for a response from EACH OF YOU.

How do I make healthcare decisions for my children if I don't know if they have been exposed to Covid at school?

Why are you not telling me if my child is exposed to Covid at school?

Are you troubled that your superintendent didn't tell you or parents about her decision not to tell us about critical health information regarding our children until the Friday night before school and withholding this information during Monday's meeting?


Daniel Wehking

Wooster Heights Drive