To the Editor:

The very fact the PZB felt they needed to write the longest article in history defending themselves says a lot right there. It’s called overjustification.

Many articles have stated that residents’ faith and trust in the current PZB is at an all-time low, that goes without saying. They still don't get that actions speak louder than words.

If the builder and owners of the “storage cube” lot truly cared about the community, why did they try to push this through now? It’s s more than obvious their neighbors don’t want it.

A show of good faith would have been for the application to be submitted in January after the new PZB members and new IWB members are in place. Instead, the vice chairman of the current PZB/IWB submitted this application now with so many questions unanswered.

If they really cared, this would have been the perfect olive branch to show their support of residents choosing to remove IWB from PZ. I did not fall for the explanation, I don’t think anyone did but they can try to redeem themselves if they choose.

Pull the current application and resubmit it after January.

Lori Mazzola

Ridgefield Voters United, Aug. 11