To the Editor:

The property tax system in Ridgefield seems to be intentionally designed to discriminate against senior citizen home owners.

Here’s an example:

Average home in Ridgefield with young family ( 2 children) pays $12,000 in taxes and receives $36,000 worth of yearly educational services along with Town services.

Average home in Ridgefield with two seniors ( a couple with zero children ) pays $11,000 in taxes ( tax break included of $1,000 ) and receives only Town services.

The senior citizen home owner is being hit with onerous taxes and is clearly being used to subsidize the young family home owner.

…. Let’s negotiate a fair compromise!

How about the senior citizen home owner ( without children ) pay $6,000 in taxes for an average home while the average young family home owner now pay $13,500.

The math seems to work because of ratio of seniors to young families.

The average young family still wins. .... $13,500 in taxes for $36,000 ( 2 children ) worth of education services.

So why aren’t we implementing this fair compromise?

Why are senior citizen home owners being oppressed and discriminated against?

This nation was founded on a reaction to oppressive rulers.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Sept. 1