Letter: New zoning commission chairperson?

To the Editor:

By voting in new, capable members in November, we thought residents — when casting their votes — had created a mandate for change in the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

As the Ridgefield Press put it: “seeming to unburden herself [Chairwoman Rebecca] Mucchetti read a long statement into record before she was reelected on a close 5-4 vote.”

It is both confusing and concerning why she needed to unburden herself as she called out several residents, an entire neighborhood, a local attorney, and a highly regarded and respected public official.

So, everyone else is to blame but herself? Us, the town residents, are at fault.

Rob Hendrick, one of the newly elected P&Z board members, spelled out residents’ concerns in response:

“There is a widespread lack of trust and confidence in the commission, and in particular the chair,” he said, “this is not a partisan matter, nor should it be. And it is not exclusive to new people on social media.”

Mucchetti is apparently burdened by the honesty of residents who are now finally fighting back against being bullied.

A public official is subject to high standards to uphold their office in an unbiased manner. This is not the case with the P&Z chair, her personal views and opinions apparently do matter.

She attacked the very residents she represents and we ask her to recuse herself from all that she has disparaged.

Lori Mazzola


Ridgefield Voters United