Letter: New Year is time for letters to editor that are hopeful, compassionate

In your New Year’s Eve edition, I was glad to see the positive tenor of the Letters to the Editor. A rare feature in our town paper.

Sadly, that was short lived. First, several grateful writers thanked Macklin Reid for over 40 years of compelling stories . And congratulated him upon his well earned retirement. Then, the all too usual political screed reared its head.

All through 2020, the Letters column has been filled with anger, twisted statistics and mud slinging. Was this going to be the case in our brand New Year? Ridgefield has so many amazing programs and wonderful assets. We have a beautiful Main Street and a jewel in Ballard Park. A first class school system, rec center, founders hall, police and fire departments. The list could go on. Our goodness far outweighs the challenges we have.

So, why give in to our baser selves. And inflict this on the reader week after week? Why not pen more letters emphasizing the positive, the hopeful, the uplifting? I myself am very hopeful. We have 358 New Days left in our New Year. And 358 New Chances to cheer each other on. Please give it a try. Everyone will benefit. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Jim Leahy, Jan. 4