Letter: Main Street improvement?

To the Editor:

So Eversource was the first wave of construction teams tasked with improving the Prospect Street/CVS Exit/Main Street intersection, all to save about 60 seconds of Main Street travel time.

Personally, I don’t believe Main Street needs much adjustment except for more trees.

But if you can point me to any statistics about accidents or injuries caused by the current setup, I’ll read them. If not, then I conclude it’s being done to save time which I said in the first place.

If the planners are really interested in travel issues look at all the solid line crossover infractions on Route 35 starting at the library entrance and continuing down the road just to get in and out of the shopping plazas.

Then consider the crosswalks. They need protrusions so cars can’t drive around a car stopped for a pedestrian. How many people have almost been run over because of that maneuver?

Then campaign for a stoplight at the intersection of 35 and the Recreation Center/Senior Center entrance where the elderly and families with kids are forced to dodge speeding traffic coming and going. Oh, yes, and if traveling north, they must cross solid lines to get into the facilities.

This will only be exacerbated by the new seniors-only apartment complex under construction about 100 yards down the road. These are traffic issues that affect the most vulnerable of us.

And these issues are more important than saving 60 seconds on Main Street.

And while I’m thinking about traffic, safety and cars, it leads me to parking spaces (another big deal over nothing). Please stop nibbling around the edges. If parking spaces are so damned important to residents, just pave over the athletic field across from RVNA on Governor Street. Instead of pussyfooting around, this would solve all parking problems in one move.

Jan Rifkinson

New Road, Sept. 29